HTC will return to the land

HTC will return to the land


It would be another three years until we would see the One M8, which also featured a dual-camera system but one that eschewed gimmicky 3D features for a focus on bokeh effects. 2015’s One M9 Plus also featured HTC’s Duo Camera system, but the company decided to focus on just one main camera in following smartphones.

Things have changed drastically since then, however, with dual-camera systems becoming more commonplace on flagship and budget smartphones alike. The iPhone 7 Plus certainly helped popularize the trend, with the G6, V30, Galaxy Note 8, and many more having also featured their own twists on how a dual-camera system should behave.

As such, it is too early to determine what dual-camera setup HTC’s mystery smartphone will feature, though the company will likely pull some software tricks to augment the hardware.

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